Welcome to Liars Cheaters and Thieves, we hope you found us before someone got you

Our Vision

It’s our vision to make the  LiarCheatersThieves.com™ herein referred to as LCT the premier network for  crime incidents and offender s. Our goal is to provide a place where people can do to criminals and liars what credit bureaus do.

At LCT we strive to provide the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date information possible. But in some cases, we realize for the greater good of providing this information, we receive requests to be removed from our database. We have a simple process to initiate a review of your case for removal from our database for a one-time administrative fee. And we gladly waive this fee for those who demonstrate that they have been exonerated or found not guilty of the charges.

Our goal is transparency, not censorship of  information. If a situation is important enough for law enforcement to make an arrest, then that data will most likely end up in our database.
Our mission is to make  awareness of criminals and scamers an everyday practice. As we continue to bring you publicly available crime incident, sex offender registry and arrest information, we hope to begin changing attitudes about crime information and personal safety. Financial crimes are occurring around you and your loved ones every second of every day. What are you doing to stay aware, informed, and safe?
At LCT, we believe you have the right to know.